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Katangkod Clutch

Katangkod Clutch

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Our bestseller. The Katangkod Clutch is perfect for any event, day or night! Its classic design makes it versatile and easy to style.

What makes our Katangkod bags so special is the double weaving technique our weavers use called Linara.



Tikog is wild grass that grows in swampy areas along rice fields and is traditionally used to weave mats or banigs. It is sustainable, durable, and water-resistant.


Length: 12″

Height: 7.5″

Width: 3″

  • Care/Storage: 

Gugma Artisan’s products are made of natural and indigenous materials. The product may vary in color, texture, and pattern making each bag one of a kind. Give your bag some tender loving care by keeping it dry, out of direct sunlight, and by gently cleaning it with a soft cloth every once in a while. Simply wipe off any water or liquid that comes in contact with your bag.

In time, some of the embroidery may loosen and that is mainly because these bags are handmade out of natural materials. If this happens, all you need to do is simply cut the ends of the loosened strand. With proper care, your bag will live a long happy life with you by your side